We are ready for challenges. Tell us what you need. We will propose comprehensive solutions.

campaign design and planning

You do not need to have a campaign ready. Even if you have only a general concept or your company faces new challenges, together we will develop the scenario, pinpoint the campaign goals and propose fitting visualization.

We will choose suitable communication channels. We can prepare a graphic design, input materials for printouts and electronic media. We have a design studio and a photography atelier. Your existing materials will be adapted to the needs of the new campaign if necessary.

campaign management

Detailed scheduling of all campaign components is an important success factor.So is determination of all mutual dependences, sequences and alternative paths as we get feedback.

Campaign effectiveness depends not only on the quality of the offer and materials. Thanks to our experience and advanced marketing tools, we will plan and manage your campaign as to achieve maximum effectiveness.

advanced personalization

Consumers expect content prepared solely for them. In over 60% of cases, a well prepared, personalized message encouraged customers to visit the website of the company, and nearly a quarter of the audience were attracted to shops and service points.

Relevant personalization is the key to draw the attention of the recipient. Our solutions provide deep personalization of all applicable campaign materials, including paper – starting with contact details through to complex graphics (charts, photographs, individual images).

high-quality printouts

Print physicality solicits immense emotions and inspires feelings in the recipient.. The customer receives a physical, paper-based promo material which engages him in understanding the content.

The better the quality of the material and deeper personalization, the more efficiently the message becomes engraved on the memory and strongly influences your customer. We respond to those needs by investing in market leading technology. We have the most innovative equipment and a variety of technologies and media not available anywhere else.


Success of a campaign also depends on a distinctive format of delivery.. The size, design and material of which a personalized package is made may be a factor influencing its reception and effectiveness.

We can print not only letters, but also all kinds of self-mailers, brochures, catalogues, books in various types of binding. We will deliver them directly to your customer, irrespective of the volume, by selected postal operator or courier.

electronic media

In modern direct marketing, printed material is only the opening of the process.

Many market researches show that campaigns combining print, e-mail, personal websites and social networks result in a dramatic increase of response rates and conversion – by up to several dozens of percent. We help merge content in the traditional and electronic channels into a unified whole and use them as tools to build a consistent customer experience. In the campaigns we use printouts as well as personalized web pages, e-mail and text messages.

effectiveness analysis

We are able to measure effectiveness of campaigns. Printed materials include unique links and QR codes directing to individual web pages.

When properly stimulated and motivated, customers fill in questionnaires and recommend the service to their friends. Every interaction with a customer is recorded. This enables you to monitor the response to various types of messages, measure their effectiveness and gather all the statistics.

feedback analysis

The campaigns designed utilize processes that enable the ongoing monitoring of the progress of the promotion and respond to incoming data.

This enables modification of the campaign and better matching of its distinctive features to your target, about whom we know more and more. We increase campaign effectiveness, and data analysis explains the processes taking place. At the same time, the database is gradually improved with new information about customers and thus forms better grounds for your next campaign.