Trends and new ideas in marketing 2016

Marketing in 2016 is focused on managing clients in an entirely new way. The “2016 State of Marketing” report by Salesforce Research brings a summary of interviews with nearly 4 000 marketing leaders from around the world. The aim of the study was to identify the main trends, ways used by the best to succeed and the most important concepts regarding digital marketing.

Key findings from the report are dominance of digital technologies in contemporary marketing and maximum focus on customer experience.

Thanks to the technological revolution, clients have now more knowledge and capabilities than ever before. The combination of all sensations, impressions and emotions when interacting with the company builds customer experience. And it is improving the customer experience that 88% of successful marketers are now focusing on. Implementation of strategies aimed at improving the customer experience in all interactions with the company (product, service, brand, access channels) brings results, both by increasing turnover and reducing customer churn. That is the opinion of 73% of respondents.

An important element of this strategy is a unified and consistent view of a customer in the company’s information systems.64% of successful marketers have implemented mechanisms allowing them to see a client in a uniform way, regardless of the communication channel used.
Building a consistent customer experience will not work without proper marketing content creation. This process requires planning, knowledge of customers and high-quality communication media. However, efficiently implemented, it creates a significant competitive advantage over companies flooding customers with a standard message. Among the successful marketers, 77% used this particular approach. At the same time they pay attention to the importance and effective use of feedback information and smooth inclusion of the information obtained in further communication.

Prepared based on: 2016 State of Marketing; Salesforce Research