The impact of Direct Mail

The prevalence of e-mail, social media, website adds and mobile devices sometimes makes the impression that more traditional media have already lost their power and importance, and thus it makes no sense to invest in those channels to reach the customer. However, market statistics from more developed markets show trends contesting this picture.

Studies carried out in the US market show that more than 70% of Americans believe that direct mail constitutes a far more personal communication channel than e-mail, the web or the social media (data for the Direct Marketing Association). And research shows that the personal approach is what people are actually looking for. More than half of respondents enjoy receiving a physical package instead of an e-mail (which is easy to overlook and / or deleted). Research made by the United States Postal Service shows that 60% of direct mail receivers were influenced to visit an advertiser’s website and around 23% of recipients were compelled to visit an advertiser’s store location. It is worth to notice that this pattern is true for both older recipients and the younger generation.

Direct mail also remains the main component in multi-channel campaigns. It is the backbone of all activities – personal websites, e-mail reminders or CTA, recommendations from people we know, etc. Thanks to feedback data, follow-up offers can be prepared and personalized according to customers’ suggestions and expectations. This provides a unique opportunity to create a strong connection with the offer and carry out a thorough analysis of the customer’s journey through the resources and services of the company.

Based on NWV News. Maj 2016