printed catalogues make sense!

Printed catalogues are becoming an increasingly important way to communicate marketing content for demanding clients. Following an era of domination of e-channels, it is now time for the renaissance of more physical communication. The experience of companies and market studies show high effectiveness of printed catalogues. Ability to affect clients using texture, look and personalization helps achieve the desired result.

In multi-channel customer communication, a printed catalogue becomes especially important. Customers use the paper catalogue to browse through products easier than when shopping online. The owners of the fashion chain Nordstrom Inc. reported a fourfold increase in sales generated by customers whose experience with the shop was a multi-channel one.

Marketers nowadays use printed catalogues as a powerful tool to affect customers. Data processing tools enable sharp selection of product offerings – especially in online stores, where the entire process of a client’s activity is recorded. The content of a catalogue can be enriched by fashion designers profiles, tips, articles about trends and other lifestyle topics. Overall, we deliver a luxury catalogue highlighting the brand and ennobling it for the reader. With the latest printing technologies, those individually customized catalogues are printed on high-quality substrates and bound according to requirements. This will additionally support customer identification with the company and encourage them to browse the catalogue to make an informed purchase decision. At the same time, the catalogue is not a thick book, but a much handier brochure.

Statistical data collected by InfoTrends (Direct Marketing Production Printing & Value-Added Services: A Strategy for Growth) prove effectiveness of this model. They show that:

  • 64% of consumers regularly or almost always read catalogs
  • 74% of consumers like catalogues and consider them useful tools for learning about products
  • 90% of consumers use catalogues to learn and get ideas about things that interest them

In a world of information overload, simply getting consumer attention is sometimes the hardest task. Changes in the perception of catalogues, their exclusiveness against the flood of e-mails and e-advertising, the ability to precisely select and tailor content to the needs of consumers as well as the interaction resulting from integration with other sales channels is what makes printed catalogues an important and very effective tool for marketing and sales.

Prepared based on: Harvard Business Review 2015