Mobile Technology Is Changing Consumer Behaviour

Mobile technology is changing the way that clients behave. It is a fact against which few are now trying to argue. Continuous presence of mobile devices in our lives creates a huge amount of information that we provide to companies and allows for easily targeted messages. This makes those devices extremely attractive for marketers.

It turns out that what is perceived as the advantages of mobile technology in reality becomes a problem. The amount of information flooding our mobile devices makes us skip and ignore an increasing part of advertising.

So how do you stand out and attract the attention of the recipient? Printed media are still heavily used in marketing communication carried out by companies of various segments and sizes. The reason for this is very simple – they are effective. They form a physical interrupter of a stream of electronic data inundating us, which is already called a digital noise. Print gives the instant first impression at mailbox, at home, at work, in the store or in many other environments. Additionally, printed material can be an excellent starting point for further digital travel as well as an incentive for an in-depth understanding of the details of the offer that is interesting to us.

Currently, there are several technologies bridging the real world with the virtual one. The greatest popularity is now enjoyed by all sorts of codes (especially QR), which, when scanned by a smartphone, take us to the news website of the company offering the product. If the letter or the catalogue containing the code was dedicated to us and personalized, the website where we are directed after scanning the code can also be personalized, and the message of the ad is consistent with the visualization on your smartphone or computer.
A visit to the personalized website leaves a trail, which the company can use to continue active communication – also to collect additional data from the client and prepare a new offer in the form of a letter or folder.