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The idea behind the directU project is to achieve a high level of desire between the recipient and the offer.

This is done through advanced personalization, which is more than sending plain marketing letters to current or potential customers. Money invested in marketing 1:1, with content tailored to individual customer profile, supported by data analysis and communicated in an attractive multi-channel form bring far better results. We are convinced of this, and numerous marketing studies confirm this. The following articles present research and opinions on this topic.

The value of content in direct marketing

Due to client segmentation and content personalization it is higher chances to convert a recipient to be a client.

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Future in personalization

The future of marketing will be focused around addressing expectations of individual consumers.

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Prepare your company for 1:1 marketing

The theory is simple: properly prepared and executed 1:1 marketing campaign can increase the value of your customers.

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The Power of a Message

The need to address the recipient, create the strongest awareness in his mind and directly influence the decisions taken by him is the essential objective of each marketing message.

Achieving this goal becomes easier if the message will stand out from the others with which we are bombarded every day. You can use different means and tools to achieve this. The articles discuss the concepts and studies of this topic.

The impact of Direct Mail

60% of direct mail receivers were influenced to visit an advertiser’s website.

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printed catalogues make sense!

Printed catalogs are becoming increasingly important way to communicate marketing content for demanding clients.

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Will Millennials Respond to your message?

In today’s world attracting attention of recipients so difficult.

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