About us

directU is a business project of Totem.com.pl – one of the largest and most modern Polish digital printers with more than 20 years of experience on the market.

Our Mission

The mission of directU is to support companies in building loyalty of their customers and effectively reaching new audiences.

Using technological innovation, we design and implement highly personalized multi-channel campaigns. We offer solutions to achieve business goals and measure effectiveness.


Totem.com.pl prints millions of A4 pages annually.

In a short time we are able to produce any amount of fully personalized paper-based products (promotional, information, training).
Our advantage is the complexity of the services offered – we are a digital printing services provider with full bookbinding services included. From day one, we have been investing in innovative technologies, often introducing them as the first ones on the market. We keep improving our production processes and logistics. Our foundations are knowledge and experience. Our strength is a team of qualified staff open to new trends.


Achieving the highest quality that would attract attention of the recipient is only possible

when using high-end devices supported by skilled operators. That is why we invest and update our equipment to be able to meet every challenge. Currently we use:

  • modern webfed inkjet ColorStream system from Canon/Océ ensures high volume, offset-quality full-colour jobs on various papers.
  • colour sheetfed print is carried out on cut-sheet Ricoh Pro C9110, Canon/OCE VarioPrint i300 and Xerox iGen4,
  • large monochrome volumes are printed using high-performance webfed Xerox DocuPrint 1300 CF,
  • for mono printing we use digital cut-sheet printers Canon/Océ VarioPrint and Konica-Minolta,

All processes are controlled by software tools for graphics personalization, colour management, imposition and workflow overseen by MIS.

Deeply personalized, visually stunning multi-channel campaigns can be created only when using appropriate tools.

For the purposes of the directU project we use DirectSmile software to ensure efficient implementation and management of the campaign, while offering graphic designers full creative freedom.
Other advantages of DirectSmile include homogenous environment for all components of the campaign, remarkable personalization capabilities, including graphic personalization, animations, personal and corporate web pages, flyers, e-mail templates and more.
Marketing automation is available in one single flexible tool that will blend together all critical processes

  • data analysis,
  • visualisation,
  • campaign management across multiple channels,
  • feedback collection and data export.
Support of the European Union

The directU project was created with support from the European Union under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy.

Our project, due to its nature – innovative solutions implemented – both at the level of technology and modern approach to marketing solutions, is executed as Investments in innovative projects / New investments of high innovative potential.


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