The power
of a personal

You will inspire and catch your customer’s eye using targeted messages, so that your offer will not be ignored.

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You will get information about customer behaviour and preferences. Differentiate their needs and potential value. Understand their reaction to messages sent, adjust them and match to individual customer profiles.


Stop blind money spending. Increase your ROI by running sharply targeted campaigns instead of investing in mass communication aimed at anonymous targets.

your company’s

Do not send any more spam. Individualized, data driven offers for your clients will improve the image of your company. Show your clients that you care for them.


Use synergy of form and content of personalized messages, high quality of presentation, effective communication channels and innovative digital print. Your campaigns will become far more effective.

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On-line monitoring
and campaign

You’ll always know now what’s going on in the campaign and respond dynamically to the situation. At the end of the process you are provided with statistics to improve your knowledge of the market and clients.

Service features

A whopping 77% of consumers confirm that the probability that they will read the offer sent to them increases if the message is personalized and tailored to their needs and / or purchase history. The level of customer responses to personalized campaigns reaches 10-30%

Many consumer researches confirm that it is not only the channel of communication that affects the effectiveness of the campaign. It is only with the right combination of different ways to reach the customer – e.g. printed materials, e-mail, personal websites and social media, that you can deliver the right message to the right person and at the right time.

A strong link between personalized direct mail (containing, for example, QR codes) and dedicated e-mailings and personalized websites enables the tracking and monitoring of the progress of the campaign and the interest and responses generated by clients. It also allows you to observe the fluctuations in the level of interest over time.

Our services

Irrespective of whether you already have an idea for a promotional campaign and are looking for a contractor or maybe you need support to plan your activities, we will help you in any of these cases. See what we can offer you.

Why us?

Personalized marketing activities

More than half of customers surveyed by InfoTrends expected cooperation, support and advice in the field of cross-media campaigns from their printing services providers.

Therefore, directU does not focus on plain printing services or development of a website. Instead, we seek how, using the extensive customer data held by you, to engage your clients, strengthen your cooperation and help attract new customers. All this is done in order to effectively reduce costs of acquiring new customers, to ensure long-term viability of your company and strengthen your competitive advantage. We will help you enter the world of data analysis and segmentation and will enable deep personalization of marketing messages through application of the technology we use.

We will show you how to use feedback to dynamically modify the campaign. We will track the results to provide you with a basis for making well informed and effective business decisions.


Our offer is addressed to all those who wish to increase their existing customers’ loyalty and effectively acquire new ones.

We put together concepts which we then share with those who want to co-operate with us. We rely on our experience on the Polish market and observe the latest European trends. If you have your own idea for a campaign, we will process it efficiently and professionally. If you are seeking assistance and guidance, let’s look for solutions together.

Check, how easy it is!

Together we will go through the process of designing a cross-media campaign.

We’ll be with you from the starting point, i.e. verification of the data that you hold on your clients, through to implementation of the campaign and evaluation of its effectiveness.

Data analysis

We begin by analyzing all information about the client that you have collected so far. We sort it, systematize it and categorize it. The shape and content of the output database will be the basis for all subsequent activities.

Campaign design

We consider various approaches, verify business goals and clarify your needs and expectations. We create and choose layouts, phrase the final message, determine communication channels and put a value on the campaign.

Implementation and delivery

After determining the message and communication channels, we proceed with implementation of the campaign. We print the necessary promotional materials while taking full control over their correctness, distribute them to the clients and run the electronic channels.

Campaign monitoring

Right from the beginning of the campaign, we take full control over its progress. We make sure the message reaches the customer and check how it is perceived. We examine whether and how the customer responds to messages addressed to him.

Feedback data processing

We analyze all the feedback information from target customers from all communication channels. We fill in the output database. If necessary, we modify the message to the customer.

Effectiveness evaluation

Following completion of the campaign we measure and evaluate its results. We check the extent to which we have achieved its objectives. We now have a basis for making informed business decisions.